In this post game video blog I take a look back at Saturday’s game that saw Toronto FC, on a brace from Danny Koevermans and a somewhat less brittle than normal defensive effort overall, beat the Colorado Rapids at home 2-1. I also take some other TFC supporters to task who chose Saturday to criticize us in the supporters section for what was by our standards a less than enthusiastic start to our chanting and cheering efforts. And finally I throw some huge praise towards those TFC Fans that choose to give up their game as paying customers to work hard on getting everybody else cheering loudly for the team from the capo stands.


Your comments are always welcome and appreciated in this space. Please let us know what you thought of the game.



  1. And Kudos to you for not forgetting to praise the Capos Tim. Nicely said.

    As for the low lifes in section 110, they can eat shit and die.

  2. I’m not in 110, I’m at the top of 111, and so I did not hear what they said. However, it must also be pointed out that there are huge numbers of “supporters” who cannot be bothered to show up for the warm up, the announcement of players names or the National Anthem.

    After O Canada today, there were entire rows in 112 and 113 that were completely empty.

    Be nice if the vaunted “march” could arrive 30 minutes earlier and get the team really stoked up.

    It couldn’t be that going to the pub is more important…could it?

  3. Victor Dantas

    Thanks a lot for the appreciation Tim your words of wisdom are very blessed.

  4. I agree that us who sing for TFC do it for the boys on the field and not to entertain other fans. But I was dissappointed there were not capos for the first half for that very reason, because I know its important to get that atmosphere going early, and not just once the play on the field encourages it. It should be the supporters who spark the intensity of play on the field.

    Is there not another person who was willing to take over for that first half? Maybe there should be a rotation?

  5. If anyone wants more info on the stats that are referred to at the start of this clip I just did a piece for Waking the Red that gets in to the numbers including goals per 90 minutes and the percent of chances he converts. Can check it out here if you like

    Also well said about the issues that came from the fans. Appreciate everything that the people in the south stands give to try and keep the atmosphere up.

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