I have never been a real fan of the cable company, or the phone company for that matter. But I do have to give props to how Rogers, through its Sportsnet channel, has stepped up to support Canadian Soccer through broadcast of the Voyageurs Cup, TFC MLS games and of course matches played by Canadian Men’s National Team.

Unlike TSN (which I think stands for “Televise Soccer?? No!) Rogers have decided that putting resources and effort into soccer makes a lot of sense for the long term. I could not agree more. And tonight Rogers will have my eyeballs watching their channel once again as they broadcast the Voyageurs Cup match between Montreal and Vancouver.

After the “Miracle in Montreal” last season there is certainly no love lost between these two sides. They play each other I think at least 6 times this season in this competition and in league play so they know each other very very well. Vancouver wants revenge and Montreal wants a win…Simple as that. If Montreal loses they put themselves very far behind the eight ball having to rely upon winning their two home fixtures and likely having to score a ton of goals to have any chance of winning the Cup. If Montreal wins they put themselves squarely back into contention. The same rules apply to Vancouver in this little tournament where each club has only four matches.

A draw would not be the worst result I guess for either side. For TFC I think the obvious 0-0 draw with a few red cards would be the ideal result. And goals have been relatively hard to come by for both Vancouver and Montreal so far this year. Vancouver has scored four and conceded two goals in play so far this season, and have yet to give up a goal at home. Montreal have only scored two and let in four in all competitions to date in 2010 and have not scored on the road.

Statistical uncertainty, bad blood, and a large motive to score as many goals as humanly possible makes this tie look really interesting to me.


  1. I’d like to give a big ol’ fuck you to Rogers, myself.

    They’re 0-2 for airing the NCC on Sportsnet Ontario, right?

    I like what they’re playing instead, though. SN Connected > Hockey Central > Ultimate Fighter.

    I could understand if there was a Blue Jays game or something.

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