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In one of his periodical trips up from his bunker at the undisclosed location, TFC Director of Soccer Mo Johnston is saying to GOL TV that there is talks of a “…wing player…” on the way to Toronto FC  in the next week or so. Whether he is talking about a fullback that can get forward or a true winger that can play out on the flanks to link up the midfielders and strikers of course remains to be seen. Whether a signing even takes place remains to be seen as well, especially considering Mo’s proven track record of not exactly being as clear and forthright as he could be in his time here.

I think I have heard this kind of thing before. It sounds like what I like to call “Vu-Ja-De”, which of course is “déjà-vu” all over again.

The other issue of course here is subtraction before addition. Toronto FC is now carrying pretty much a full roster and is by most calculations hard up against the cap. I guess that bringing in someone new means that TFC must let at least one player on the current roster go. Raivis Hscanovics must be on the bubble considering he makes a tidy pay packet (100k + I believe) and hardly gets on the pitch these days. Nick Garcia, also highly compensated and prone unfortunately to some pretty horrible gaffes this season, is probably at least being considered for trade or release in this scenario as well (and if not he bloody well should be).

A good friend of mine almost always says in these circumstances that he does not believe anything until he sees the new player actually holding up the strip on the team website before he believes any kind of rumours like this. I think, again based on Mo’s track record, I am not going to hold my breath. It’ll either happen or not happen. So be it.

And for a man living deep underground in some secret facility away from the difficult questions and prying eyes of the Toronto media, Mo is looking pretty nicely tanned isn’t he???  Maybe he has just been on another “Brazilian scouting trip”.


  1. I understand the cynicism concerning possible signings, but it may be Bas Ent who played last night – right wing -second half- I thought he looked like a true upgrade to me.

  2. To Still Kicking: I liked what I saw from Ent last evening. If he is coming in then he definitely might be a significant upgrade to our lack of true wing play. It will be interesting as well to see who goes in order to fit Ent (or for that matter anyone new) onto the roster.

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