Some brief video observations on the game last night that saw five of the seven recent arrivals for Toronto FC featuring in a loss to high flying FC Dallas.

In this edition I question the expectations of TFC fans, I heap praise upon Torsten Frings who became a leader the second he walked on the pitch, I take a brief look at the other newcomers and I throw some criticism at the club for blowing the pricing for the upcoming CONCACAF Champions League game and I state my belief that next Wednesday will be the smallest crowd for a competitive game in TFC/BMO Field history.


  1. Mighty TFC

    No i didnt expect all our problems to go away…we acually played decent for all the changes and brings hope for 2012…Dallas Goal was a beauty, but could have been prevented by a good tackle from a midfielder or defender…as far as the Champions League tickets…whats fair for all concerned? IMHO
    tickets should be the same as all big market MLS games ( Galaxy, Red Bulls etc) nothing more nothing less…lets get all and support the boys in this CL game…

  2. rmacvicar

    Thanks for the blog Newf. Hopefully the guys can get it together for the champions league and maybe get some wins in league as well to make the end of the season interesting. Frings looked great. Would love to see JDG in the mid with him, and Koevermans showed with the few chances he had that he could potentially be a serious threat in this league. Nice having some optimism around TFC these days.

  3. The purpose of the changes made to Toronto were not so that Toronto could make a late second half playoff push but so that Toronto could be better into the future. In my opinion the changes have or look to succeed in their purpose as their have been improvements on paper to each facet of our game in terms of quality and experience. The players we gave up in return (except for Tchani) were either not playing and/or not playing up to their paycheck/skills. No person can draw any conclusions from this game because of the lack of chemistry between the new and old players and due to the quality of FC Dallas, one of the best sides in the league and a tough test for anyone. For me the games which will determine for me whether Toronto has substantially improved from will come on Aug 13, 21, and 27 respectively vs. RSL, @ Fire, and vs. Quakes. If we grab 5 or more points then I think we can definitively say that we have improved and will with some minor changes compete for the playoffs next season

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