Post game video thoughts on TFC’s 2-2 draw Wednesday evening versus Portland at BMO Field. I also take a look in detail as to what Hassli brings to the team other than just an ability to pot goals and I also ponder how Paul Mariner might set up the defense Saturday vs Kansas City now that Darren O’Dea is available for selection.


Your comments are always welcome and appreciated.


  1. Andrew Desmond

    Great vid, I agree with your closing comments completely. Football rivalries are an important part of the game but when they progress to violent physical behavior it brings the game into disrepute. One of the things I was most impressed by was the behavior of the tfc faithful, in not retaliating in a likewise manner allowing the stewards to swiftly deal with the unruly rangers supporters.

    On the defensive options, I would say eckersly left centre back with Darren O’Dea right centre. Eckersly had a good game against Portland but allowed Boyd to drift in behind his right shoulder leaving him vunerable to a ball over his head behind the right back. O’Dea is tall and mobile and will deal with just about anything thrown at him. A great addition to the squad.

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