In this video blog I take a look back at the Chicago game Sunday evening that saw our Reds lose 2-0 to their Reds. I talk Twitter and Dan Gargan scoring and celebrating. I take another look at the 3-4-3 formation and why I think it is a bit of a waste to use Frings back there, especially against clubs like Chicago who gave TFC a lot of space to operate in the midfield. I try and put into some sort of MLS context the very real possibility of TFC not winning a MLS road game this season and I ask if it is at least possible that FC Dallas might take their foot off the accelerator a little this Wednesday in Champions League action.


Your comments are always welcome and of course appreciated.


  1. Playing a back three featuring Henry and Iro would be a GONG SHOW!!! That’s two very positionally challenged guys. Each of these two needs to play with an experienced CB to quarterback the situation. The game would have been a 5 – 0 debacle, 6 or 7 – 0 if you throw in Harden for Eckersley. Henry has a lot of upside on account of his age but the other two have got to go.

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