Video thoughts on the loss to DC united last weekend and on the empty seats and irate fans at BMO field.


  1. Good video. Agree with most you had to say.

    Finding it very hard to get excited about the team these days. I’ve been going to games since day 1 and have been a SSH for 3 years now. This weekend was the first time when I had tickets, had no other commitments, nothing really on my schedule (and I live super close to BMO) and yet I couldn’t be bothered to go. I think that should tell the front office quite a bit.

    I remember going to games a few years back, losing those games and still coming away having had a great experience. Now it’s become more of a chore. I went to almost all games this season only to watch them disappoint the fans in one predictable way or another.

    Hopefully Friday we’ll have some something to cheer about and will get to see some talented players take to the pitch.

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