In this post game video blog I lament having only roughly sixty seconds to enjoy the thoughts of a Toronto FC road victory in DC against United before it is cruelly snatched away and turns into a less than satisfying 3-3 draw.

In this edition I also give deserved praise to DeRo and his hat trick, I again give praise to Aron Winter getting his substitutions generally right, I heap more praise on Danny K who now has three goals in four MLS matches and I lament  what might be the worst game from a defender (from Andy Iro unfortunately) in a season replete with them for Toronto FC.


Your comments are always welcome and appreciated. Let us know what you think.


  1. i know this was a brutal game for iro but i think they should play him again. he knows what he did and i know he will work on it all week to get better you have to put him in again next game or he will never play good again

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