Toronto FC crashes back to earth after a rough 3-0 defeat in Salt Lake City Saturday night. In this post game video blog I take a brief look back at the match and some of the apparent weaknesses the loss exposed (Bloom and Orr come immediately to mind).

I also try to explain why we should not jump off tall buildings after just one game nor should we be exalting after the first two results either in  retrospect. Finally I try and explain how the loss shows that the DP signings and new players coming in can only partially make up for seven previous seasons of gross ineptitude – and that there is still a ways for TFC to go.


  1. Duncan Green

    reality check is right TIM..supporters got carried away after the first two wins against two teams that wont be around long this season..Toledo like him or hate him he made the right call on Henry, it was a WWE takedown..Toledo was ok by his standards..if teams (TFC) know they will have him,(like they will later on this season) discipline is required.. the team? we are still badly weak at the back, Caldwell is the only solid defender,this is where the team must improve..Dero is not helping us, trade him to a contender for a quality defender, we dont need somone to come off the bench and do jack shit. playoff team?? not this year!!

  2. James Zurawski

    Toronto is a team with new faces, Everybody hasn’t played together for that long, team still needs just a few more weeks to gel, by mid or late april, our passing and possession stats will be better, and we will start winning more games and make the play-offs. It took Beckham almost one full season to gel with L.A Galaxy. Same might happen here, maybe quicker.

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