The Canadian Soccer Association announced this week that Canada’s Mens National Team will play Argentina in Buenos Aires on May 24th in what will be one of the most high profile games the Canadians will be playing in the foreseeable future. And on Rogers Sportsnet today in an interview on Soccer Central, TFC Captain Dwayne DeRosario stated that in no uncertain terms he would love to be part of that team that plays against the Argentines on their home ground. He stated that he has already spoken to both Stephen Hart and Preki about the game.

The Canadian National Team always seems to have problems in getting players to be released from their clubs to play in these types of matches and this match most likely will be no exception. TFC plays the last of four games in 12 days on May 22nd, including two away games in the Voyageurs Cup. Then five days after the Argentina game TFC travels west to play San Jose in a match that could be one of the best chances of the season that Toronto has to get a win on the road.

And even with all these games he will be playing for TFC I think that DeRo should be allowed to go to Argentina and represent his country. And Toronto FC should let it be known as soon as possible!

DeRo is our Captain. He is our leader. He plays hard each and every minute.

And this is a wonderful chance for Toronto FC to do something for it’s best player and on field leader and even more importantly to undo some of the damage to the club’s reputation that has taken place over the past year. Comments from departed players and staffers have alluded to a lot of problems between players and management behind the scenes over the history of TFC under Mo Johnston’s tenure and an overt display of gratitude to an important player would be the smart play here. Reputation is important in this sport. And in a league like MLS where the salary cap rules the day it is often the little things like this that convince players to come to one team over another.

And a happy DeRo will be a better performer for TFC. Yes there is always a risk here in this kind of thing but the upside is that we may even see his game move to a higher level down the stretch.

He wants to go. He deserves to go. He should go.

Julian DeGuzman to go to Argentina too?? Not so much. That’s another story…


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