In video form I try and explain why Saturday’s loss for Toronto FC was just about the most disheartening game in the short history of the club, I bring some light on some staffers leaving the club at an odd time, I try and address fan dissension and I address if thre hours more rest would have made a difference in the outcome Saturday.

And courtesy of TFC  TV, here is Mr. “No Excuses” Preki making an excuse for the performance of his club baed on a 4:00 PM kickoff time versus a 7:00 PM one.


  1. Well said sir!

    Chiming in on the debate between the supporters groups, I’m not affiliated with one of the larger supporters groups, but I feel that anything we do that embarrasses MLSE and their money factory (e.g. us) will spark change. Our star players publicly spoke out about turf and they lept into action. But the supporters have yet to do anything to disrupt the money factory… and booing is a great start. If it is apparent that the “hardcore” support are not happy, people will take notice and something will change.

    Could you imagine what would get done if the south end voluntarily went dry for a game as a form of protest?!? We would have the signature of world class striker by the end of the week…

    That’s a stretch… I know.

    How Mo still has a job with the lack of depth this side possesses is a testament to either MLSE ignorance or Mo Johnston bulls**t proficiency.

    Disheartening is absolutely accurate.

    Preach on.

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