Some quick video observations on the game Saturday past which saw Toronto FC draw with Chivas USA 1-1 in an error prone affair, especially once again on the part of controversial MLS official Balderomo Toledo. As well I offer up my two cents on the trade this past Friday that saw TFC captain Dwayne de Rosario leave Toronto for New York.

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  1. Dero was head and shoulder above any other player on tfc and has been carrying the team since inception! This team need to make some sweeping changes if it needs to be competitive in this league. The players are painfully slow, fitness and technical skills are also lacking!! It is a disgrace to see them on the pitch on game days! What is the coach doing with these bunch of losers!! They get worst every game and every year since joining the league!! I personally dont blame dero for jumping ship! I know he jumped ship cause no one with common sense would trade him!
    Vancouver whitecaps are in their 1st year with the league and they have a much stronger unit than TFC at this time.I can see them making the playoffs in their 1st year. TFC Will end 3rd from the bottom, and thats pushing it!!

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