Ahead of the the first game of the 2012-2013 Champions League campaign I just can’t stop thinking about the special nights the CONCACAF matches have brought us over the past few years, good and bad (most good in my estimation!).

  • Rogers Centre… Johnson scoring. Silva scoring and 50,000 fans erupt.
  •  Mista (remember that guy??) scores against Cruz Azul.
  •  Santos comes to town and leaves with only a draw for their troubles.
  •  The rain storm that flooded out the Dallas game last year and the heckling Hartmann took from the few hundred TFC supporters who were able to get to the “morning” game the day after.
  •  Barrett scoring late to draw Motagua and knock them and former Red Amado Guevara out of the tournament.
  •  The atrocious reffing we saw in that away game in Panama Arabe Unido game.
  •  Plata’s brace against Dallas.
  •  Adrian Cann Herculean defending away in Mexico City versus Cruz Azul that saw TFC secure an improbable draw.
  •  Being three games away from participating in the FIFA Club World Cup.

Yes Toronto FC has never had more than a brief sniff at getting into the post season, and that looks likely to continue for a while it has been these Champions League nights that have sustained the backbone of the fan base that this club has for the past few seasons. Wednesday night sees that journey continue once again. Hopefully the list of (good) memories grows after tonight. I for one am excited about the possibility of seeing Eric Hassli suit up and how a likely small back line will try and handle such a strong and intimidating player. Got a great feeling about this one. See you in the stands! Come On You Reds!


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