In this post game video blog I lament the late loss of points Saturday past vs Philly,the growing apathy on the pitch and in the stands, I shine some light on some lamentable TFC Security issues from last weekend and I again take a stand on 2013 Season Seat pricing. 



  1. Tim : Thanks for mentioning the issues I had, but just for clarification, it should be noted that I do not have “special dispensation” from Paul B. That makes it sound like I was asking for special treatment or privileges others could not get …. Paul merely pointed out the following via email (which i store as a pdf on my phone) when I asked for clarification on the two different camera policies that are listed on the TFC website as it related to the make, model and lens size of my specific camera (one policy says nothing over 75mm, the other says its ok if it is for personal use but no size is quoted):

    “The overarching rule of thumb (for TFC matches – this is not a BMO Field policy) is whether it is bothering others. Also – no stands/tripods. So as long as you are not bothering others – the answer is yes – bring it.”

  2. the team sucks, mariner sucks, management sucks..but when a team quits on two managers during the season you cant be bothered to give them any support at all..this season is dead, has been since April…as far as the above comment on cameras issues..which is the answer can we bring cameras of any size or not..????

  3. Duncan

    I asked Paul with regards to my own camera due to conflicting information on the TFC website.

    My new camera – purchased earlier this season – is a Nikon D7000 with an 18-200mm lens and his response regarding that is above. I didnt buy this camera for TFC games specifically, I was happy to use the decent compact I had, but as I had purchased the DSLR, I thought ‘nothing ventured, nothing gained’ and asked ahead of time if I could take it in as I had seen others with reasonably long lenses in the stands (maybe up to 200 or 300mm). I was ready for a knock-back but he said it was OK and I have taken it ever since.

    I would assume that common sense would/should apply … plenty of people now have what are termed ‘prosumer’ cameras, higher end digital cameras for the serious amateur but still a step or two away from professional cameras. I would put myself in that category, and say that these are ‘normal’ these days and unless you are attaching a serious professional lens to them, like the guys down the front with media bibs, then you should not be hassled by security ! For my own piece of mind, I retain that email from Paul on my phone just in case I do get any issues with security like I did on Saturday.

    For reference, these are the conflicting policies:

    The (updated) BMO Field Policy states: “The BMO Field camera policy is different for each event, based on the requests of the teams or promoters. For Toronto FC matches, non-flash still photography and small handheld video cameras are permitted. Still photos or video must be for personal use only.

    The (old) Top Things to Know page has a different take ….: “Cameras with lenses 75mm or over or other audio visual equipment (eg. video cameras) are not allowed to be brought into the stadium without the appropriate working media credential.

  4. Keep up with the blogs Tim. Whether it’s video or not, I still visit your site to get your perspective on things. I may not agree with you from time to time, but the last 3 v-blogs, you could not have been more bang on. These are some trying time for TFC fans.

    I have emailed my account rep to let him have it, so to speak. I honestly don’t think it will make a difference.

    For the first time however, I am thinking about not renewing, mainly because of the crap that we’re watching with Paul Mariner. It is overwhelmingly clear that he is not a coach, and I cannot endure watching another season of TFC kicking the ball upfield and playing 11 men back. Paul has no tactics, and the part that disturbs me is, HE was responsible in acquiring most of the players on the roster. I’m just waiting to see what their 2013 plan is.

  5. Tim,

    Always enjoy watching your video blogs after almost every match, your efforts are appreciated.
    Hat’s off to Scotty as well, always look at his photo’s.
    Being a SSH since day one I am extremely pissed off and can’t take this much longer, a lot of hard earned cash goes into the MLSE coffers from our family, don’t want to hear the same rhetoric again from the FO.
    Nothing will due except a significant price decreae for SSH’s as you stated.
    I really feel we need to do something real significant for the last game, there has been lots of idea’s posted on my supporters group webpage (RPB)
    I was thinking of all groups putting in a few bucks to run a one page ad, just like TFC’s the day of the game to get our point across, just like our GREEN campain in 2010.

    Keep up the good work, and the fight.



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