In this video blog I take a brief look back at a game I would rather forget, TFC’s latest loss on the road, this time in New York. I also comment on the defensive lapses that had led the club to be in the unenviable position of conceding seventeen goals more than they have scored and why the impending arrival of Kouvermans/Frings might all be for naught this season without some significant reinforcements on the back line. I also try to look at the individual quality of the defenders TFC has on the roster and I debate whether the raw stats tell the whole story.


And as promised in the above video here is a breakdown of the pricing for the Real Esteli CONCACAF Champions League group stage qualification match on July 27th:

  • Yellow – $17
  • Light Gray – $19
  • Medium Gray – $30
  • Light Blue – $39
  • Dark Gray – $44
  • Dark Blue – $52
  • Red – $62
  • Club – $80

Please let us know what you think. Your comments are always welcome and appreciated in this space.


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