Below is a clip from Kristian Jack of The Score interviewing former Toronto FC Striker Ali Gerba over the weekend.

Unless I am proven otherwise I will always try and take people at their word. Call me naive but I want to give an individual the benefit of the doubt.

I am not going to disrespect Ali Gerba  or what he says here because I am in no place to refute or not refute what he says. However Ali is a player that has played for ten clubs in 11 years as a professional. It can call the character and integrity of a player into question having played for so many clubs in so short a time.

But with so few former TFC players ever having had an opportunity to come out and speak after leaving the club it is good to at least hear the opinion of one player about TFC.

In this interview I thought a few specific points were real interesting:

  • Ali stated that there was next to no tactical focus from Preki in pre-season preparation for TFC. The majority of players in his words were often sporting “down faces” and were not looking forward to just running in practice.
  • Ali stated that the front office staffers at TFC were first class in his eyes, and that the problems with the club centered around Mo and Preki. According to Ali, the majority of TFC players do not like Preki as a coach and as a man.
  • He shockingly stated that in his opinion unless things change (Which I guess is code for Mo and Preki being fired) he sees Vancouver and Montreal making the MLS playoffs before Toronto FC does.
  • He also showed a lot of respect for the fans who he called knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the sport and the club.
  • The most damning thing he said was “…People are smart. They are going to see the fraud sooner or later…” when asked about Mo and Preki directly.

What do you think about what Ali said and what it means for the club?


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