After each TFC game this season I will be posting my thoughts on the match in video here on the blog.

In this post I talk about the new white jerseys, Nick Garcia, Nana Attakora and why we all need to take a chill pill.

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  1. Good little summation Bgnewf!

    It is good to hear you suggest some relaxation strategies… it is indeed early days.


  2. Have to agree with much of what you had to say here, Newf. People shouldn’t be pressing any panic buttons, as not only is it early, but you could see the green shoots of what might be an organized-looking team here. I thought Frei had a solid game, with the exception of the decision-making on what ended up being the second goal, and should have been a foul on O’Rourke the other way. Not sure that one was a sending-off, but it was certainly a free kick and a booking. You didn’t mention the two-footer later by Moffat that I thought was definitely a sending off. Matt Geiger had probably the worst performance on the pitch, and that includes Garcia, who has some brass neck on him. I’ve defended him (at times) in the past, but he made that horrendous schoolboy error and a few minutes later was giving a pitchside postgame interview like butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth. As a top athlete you have to forget your mistakes and move on, but he’s some boy.

    I liked the chance OBW had and just wish he’d finished it, he looked dangerous, needed more service. Saric and Lobrocca looked solid to me too, more like complete players than we’ve been used to. JDG and Saric looked like they can work well together, but I thought DeRo looked out of sorts, like he was trying to find a place in the game. Cronin on the left didn’t show very much. Oh well, early days.

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