Most Recent Gallery : MLS Cup Final : TFC 0-0 Seattle (Seattle win 5-4 on pens)

Its taken many days to get round to processing the photos taken at the MLS Cup Final. Both body and mind were frozen by the events of the 10th December and only now have I been able to look at the images without re-living the disappointment again. I managed to capture the moment that mine and 35,000 other hearts were crushed by a former icon of ours. Stefan Frei “played a blinder” as they would say back home in the UK and the rest is history !!!!! (there are a few more before and after shots in the gallery)

Stefan Frei makes a fantastic save from Jozy Altidore

I am proud of TFC, proud of the effort, proud of the commitment, and proud of how far we got. I am also proud of the efforts of all of our supporters be it those creating amazing TIFOS, passionately urging our team on from the supporters sections, or just supporting our team in their own way … and most especially, proud of all of those supporters who I have lived through all of the highs and lows of the last 10 years with in the stands. You, sorry WE have persevered, watched some real s***-shows, and now we are finally seeing some payback. The tribulations of the last decade only seem to make things taste sweeter, and the disappointment of our first MLS Cup Final will only serve to make our next appearance all the more satisfying (I hope).

If there is a silver lining to all of this, I guess it’s that the cup was won by Seattle and not some team like Los Angeles or Vancouver ! Seattle did not have their problems to seek in 2016, with a mid season coaching change and a climb literally from last to first in the second half of the season culminating in an MLS Cup win without hitting the target in 120 minutes of cup final football.

I kinda like their fans too … Around 1500 of them made the journey to Toronto – which is pretty impressive and like TFC supporters, I find Seattle fans knowledgeable, fervent and “real” as opposed to some other teams where the culture and support is more of a forced thing with the soccer mom crowd or some wannabe college student hooligans that once watched Green Street ! Enjoy looking after the trophy lads …. you’ve only borrowed it !!!

TFC will be back, bigger and better for next year hopefully, and the early signs as we go into a week where there is an expansion draft, a waiver draft and the first of two rounds of the re-entry draft is that TFC should remain largely unscathed. The main players are under contract or option, Clint Irwin was picked in the expansion draft then rapidly re-signed at the expense of trading Mark Bloom and only Will Johnson is listed in the re-entry draft, with no TFC players listed in the waiver draft. A far cry from previous seasons where the ship appeared to be sinking at the end of each of them and most players couldnt get out of town fast enough !

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